The Pigeon and The Hen Pottery

A ceramic studio in the heart of downtown South Bend.

Our Story

  Owners Diana Palomo and Amy Klingler

Owners Diana Palomo and Amy Klingler


Where does the name come from…

The infamous name of the store comes from the owners. The Pigeon is Diana Palomo and her last name in Spanish means pigeon. The Hen is Amy Klingler and she used to own backyard hens before Diana babysat them. Not only are we store owners, but we both have college degrees in Ceramics. We wanted to use our degrees... so we opened a store only knowing each other for 4 months! Diana moved back from the Golden State, Amy back from the Sunshine state, we met in a ceramics class, starting selling our own pottery masterpieces together, then decided to open a pottery store. The rest is history!

Thank you for supporting our small business!
The Pigeon (Diana) & The Hen (Amy)                                                                                        
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